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The Place: Fantasia of Scenery by Tang Ying Chi & The Phase: Hong Kong Contemporary Ceramics

那地方——是可以想像的居所嗎?|Ming Pao Monthly|2021.6.1

Yearning for a place|The Standard|2021.5.28

星期日展覽推介:那時代:香港當代陶藝|Sing Pao|2021.5.23

星期日展覽推介:鄧凝姿采風|Sing Pao|2021.5.16

古韻新顏看傳統藝術活化 陶藝山水畫演繹中西對話|Wen Wei Po|2021.5.13

Lecture on Chinese Culture


Liu Cheng Mui: Scenic Romance

一新美術館藏一新精神|Sing Pao|2021.1.9

The naked truth|The Standard|2021.1.8


打破刻板印象|Hong Kong Commercial Daily|2021.1.3

Dickson Yewn: Slowness


一新美術館藏一新精神|Sing Pao|2021.1.9