Media Coverage

The Light of Colours by Chan Chiu Lung

Eco-friendly Lifestyle: Winning Artworks of Surein Foundation Competition

Lecture on Chinese Culture

Liu Cheng Mui: Scenic Romance

Dickson Yewn: Slowness

The Place: Fantasia of Scenery by Tang Ying Chi

The Phase: Hong Kong Contemporary Ceramics

Sports in Hong Kong Art​

​Splendour of China

Liu Cheng Mui: Scenic Romance

Dickson Yewn: Slowness

Drifting Cloud, Flowing Water: Artistic Journeying by Jose S. S. Yu

Instant Reflection: Hong Kong Artists and Sketches

YEUNG Chun Tong: Auspicious Drawings

Chinese Tradition in Western Oil

Cho Kam Chow Larry: Capturing the Glamour of Lights

Folklore in Ming and Qing Porcelain

Abbreviated Expressiveness in Chinese Painting

Dreams of Chinese Painters: Yitao Collection

Nature in Ink and Brush: The Art of Ou Da Wei

Xu Beihong and His Times

Hong Kong Modern Sketches

Hong Kong Gold Legend: CSS

Amazing Landscapes by Four Hong Kong Masters

Lingnan in Ink Mood: Collaborative Paintings by Jao Tsung-I and the Four Masters of the Lingnan School

The Art of Shen Ping: Compositions of Two Lands

The Art of Shen Ping: Compositions of Two Lands

Celestial Cases: Antique Boxes of China

Tones of Festival: Hong Kong Modern Watercolour

Evolving Images: Modern Hong Kong Printmaking

Hong Kong Renowned Oil Painters in the Diverse World

Hong Kong Aspiring Oil Painters in Phenomenal Times

Legend of Hong Kong Ware: Yuet Tung China Works

Tranquility in Landscape Works by Cheng Siu Chung

Envisioned Landscape The Art of Hung Hoi

Eternally Revolving: Twin Rocks Qi Baishi and Shi Lu

Of Mist and Lushly Green: Longquan Celadon from Song to Ming Dynasties

Kaleidoscope of Memories: Contemporary Oil Paintings by Hong Kong Artists

Dawn of a Sunny Century: 20th-Century Chinese Paintings from the Yitao Collection