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News clippings

YEUNG Chun Tong: Auspicious Drawings

楊春棠館展首展個人漫畫|Hong Kong Economic Journal|2020.3.28

Chinese Tradition in Western Oil

Blended in oils|The Standard|2020.4.3


A fine blend of the East and West|China Daily|2020.3.20

油彩演繹東方韻味|Hong Kong Commercial Daily|2020.3.17

油畫突破中西框架 法蘭西三劍客 畫出自由心靈|Ming Pao Daily|2020.2.28

華人油畫展覽 涵蓋名家及後起之秀|Hong Kong Economic Times|2020.2.28

愁城中的慰藉|Sing Tao Daily|2020.2.27

Cho Kam Chow Larry: Capturing the Glamour of Lights

鏡頭下的五光十色|Sing Tao Daily|2019.12.28