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Sun Museum, a non-profit, non-governmental museum established by Simon Suen Foundation, aims to promote Chinese art and culture. It strives to facilitate general understanding of how the art world in Hong Kong is enlivened by a diversity of cultures and how the local community is enlightened by a wealth of Chinese traditions. 


With the emphasis on China and Hong Kong art and culture, the Museum organises thematic exhibitions with objects on loan from collectors, artists and other cultural bodies. Related talks and guided tours are also offered to enrich our visitors' experience.

Simon Suen Foundation is a charitable organisation registered with the Hong Kong Government. In May 2013, the Foundation appointed Mr YEUNG Chun Tong as the Museum Director in charge of the planning and operation of Sun Museum.

The Museum is an institutional member of the Chinese Museums Association (Membership No. 1752). 

Our mission


  • Enhance the understanding of Chinese art and culture through exhibitions, research, lectures, publications, and other learning activities​

  • Support aspiring Chinese artists, especially those in Hong Kong

  • Build up a collection of Chinese paintings and related art for educational purposes

  • Contribute to the study of Hong Kong culture

  • Collaborate with artists, collectors, scholars and cultural institutions around the world to achieve the Museum's Vision

Name of museum

The designation, “Sun Museum”, Yat Sun in Cantonese transliteration, carries a multi-faceted meaning.


Sun, as we know it, refers to the star of the solar system, the universe.  It radiates light and heat that reign over all things.  Without the sun, nothing grows.  Hence, “Sun” is the life source.


Yat is the start of numbers.  It means few in numbers or small in quantity, for example, yat gor (one piece), yat dim (a little).  Conversely, yat can also denote many, a lot, e.g. yat chei (all), yat chai (altogether).  Hence, yat embraces all, but it also signifies a single number or infinity.  It is an intriguing number.


There is a Chinese character that sounds the same as Sun. In meaning though, it refers to newness and freshness. When we act, we often seek to break old moulds to create something better. Hence, "Sun" is the source for creation.


Our living style is our culture.  Without art, life cannot be beautified and our culture cannot be developed. Hence, art is the source of civilisation.


The four elements in the above are the essence of Chinese culture. The Sun Museum aims to bring forth these elements. The task of a museum focuses on promoting Chinese culture through art.  New angles are deployed to appreciate traditional art; different perspectives are explored to create new trends such that audience would experience new sensations, thereby enabling them to better understand Chinese culture.

Museum logo


The logo of Sun Museum comprises one big and two small circles.


The big red outer circle represents the Sun, radiating brightness and heat.  Inside are two blue circles of equal size, one balanced on top of the other, representing a beautiful clear sky.


The curves inside the small circles link to form the English consonant “S”, implicitly reflecting the name of the Museum, Sun, which is also the sound of the Chinese character for new.


Joining the three circles means that we exist in a huge space  full of life under the Sun. This life circulates non-stop, generating a variety of new phenomena, thus creating for us new and varied culture.

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