Lectures on Chinese Culture

(Conducted in Cantonese)

  • Series 1

    1/8/2015 - 26/9/2015

    Speaker: YEUNG Chun Tong (Director, Sun Museum)

    Venue: Sun Museum

    Figures in Chinese Painting 

    Portraits have been popular since the Han dynasty (206BCE – 220CE).  But Chinese artists lost their interest in painting figures at Song times (960 – 1279).  This talk will explain why there was such a trend in Chinese art history.


    Landscapes in Chinese Painting 

    This talk will introduce how Chinese artists painted landscapes and explain why landscape painting is called shan-shui-hua (painting of mountain and water.


    Flowers and Birds in Chinese Painting

    This talk will find out what kinds of flowers and birds were favored by Chinese artists and the symbolic meanings of these subject matters.


    Animals in Chinese Painting 

    This talk will highlight the influence of animal art on Chinese culture. There were reasons why Chinese artists focused on the depiction of horse, deer and rams in their paintings.


    Imitation Art in Ancient China 

    This talk will stress that imitation art in ancient China was not aimed at forging artworks.  It had played an educational role in Chinese culture.

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