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Hong Kong Paintings in Sai Yuen Lane 

  • Application deadline: 15 May 2024

  • Exhibition date: 2024 Fourth Quarter

  • Enquiries: Please call 2690 6790 or email to



Sun Museum, approaching its ninth year, is preparing to relocate from Kowloon to a new address on Hong Kong Island, marking a new phase of growth. The museum has always been committed to promoting Chinese culture and fostering the development of Hong Kong’s art scene. In celebration of its new opening, the museum is organising a special exhibition, inviting Hong Kong artists to submit their recent paintings for consideration. The exhibition aims to showcase exceptional pieces, which represents the latest styles and achievements of Hong Kong painters.


The new address of the Sun Museum is 1 Sai Yuen Lane, Sai Ying Pun. Titled “Hong Kong Paintings in Sai Yuen Lane,” the exhibition symbolises the museum’s transformation of Sai Yuen Lane into a vibrant artistic landmark on Hong Kong Island. It aspires to attract a greater number of visitors, creating a thriving hub for cultural and artistic exchange.

Guidance Notes and Application Form

Guidance Notes for Application for Hong Kong Paintings in Sai Yuen Lane Exhibition

Application Form


  • Applicants must be permanent Hong Kong residents.

  • Any education level or occupation.

  • Applicants must be at or above the age of 21 by the closing date of application.

  • Applicants must submit completed application form that includes:

    1. Resume.

    2. Images of one or two paintings and list the title, medium, size, year of creation and a brief description of these artworks.

    3. The genre of the work is limited to painting only, the medium may include but not limited to ink, watercolour, oil paint, acrylic and charcoal

    4. The paintings should be original works created within the past two years and not previously exhibited.

    5. Application form must be sent to by email.

  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email within a week if the submission is successful.

Requirements of Paintings


  • Only 2-D paintings are accepted, the medium may include but not limited to ink, watercolour, oil paint, acrylic and charcoal. (Installation, printmaking and collage art are not accepted)

  • The paintings should be original works created within the past two years, and never exhibited publicly.

  • The size of the painting (without a frame) must not exceed 100 x 100 (height) cm, and the size of Chinese painting hanging scrolls (without a frame) must not exceed 80 x 120 (height) cm.

  • Each painting must include a description that is no more than 300 words.

  • Exhibitors are required to mount hanging scrolls and frame paintings themselves.

Programme Progress

HK paintings in Sai Yuen Lane Exhibition_Guidance Notes_ENGLISH_version_final_Page_2.png

Terms of Participation


  1. Applicants must read all terms and conditions carefully. Once you have submitted your application, you must comply with all these terms and conditions. Your acceptance of this Terms of Participation is deemed to occur upon your submission of application. If the applicant violates any of them, the organiser reserves the right to remove such applicant from this programme at any time without notice or any compensation whatsoever.

  2. The application time limit will be determined with the time the organiser’s online server receives the application. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted and the applicant is not able to appeal.

  3. The organiser will arrange insurance for the exhibits, and reserves the right to make the final decision on the insurance price.

  4. Exhibitors do not need to pay any fees, and they are not allowed to promote or sell any artworks in the exhibition venue.

  5. Exhibitors are not allowed to produce or distribute any type of printed matter, souvenirs, or other promotional materials in the name of Sun Museum without authorisation from the organiser.

  6. Exhibitors must submit accurate and complete information in their application and ensure that the works on display are original. If the information provided and artworks do not meet requirements, the organiser reserves the right to remove the exhibitor from exhibition, and withdraw the subsidy issued.

  7. The organiser is solely responsible to handle the exhibition arrangements and may obtain the copyright of all participating artworks free of charge for purposes such as publication, promotion, education, and research.

  8. Applicants participating in the selection do so on a voluntary basis. The organiser will not be held responsible for any action arising out of the exhibition, and likewise, exempted from all legal liability and compensation.

  9. In the event of any disputes, the organiser reserves the right to make the final decision, including suspending, changing, or terminating the event at any time without prior notice. Exhibitors shall not object to any decision made about this programme.

  10. If there is any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

  11. The personal data provided in the application form will be used for processing your application for the exhibition, and for related administrative communication, statistical and other marketing purposes. All data will be kept confidential. The organiser will not disclose such information to third parties without the permission of the applicant. If applicants have any questions about the organiser’s use of their personal data, please contact the organiser.

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