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The Art of Shen Ping
Compositions of Two Lands

22/12/2017 - 3/3/2018


Shen Ping is a well-known contemporary artist. He served as an art technician at Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, later studied at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. In 1980, he moved to Hong Kong, developed into an outstanding local artist.

The exhibition comprises over a hundred paintings by Shen Ping, featuring a wide range of topics from figures to buildings, grasslands to streets, Xinjiang to Hong Kong and places worldwide. It provides a comprehensive look at the artist’s unique style and diversified skills, as well as his unwavering passion of art.

Gifted Shen Ping

Everyone can draw, but not everyone can claim to be artist. To be one requires a few prerequisites.
No talent, no artist: he/she must possess the wisdom to acquire professional skills. Only with full command of these tools can the artist launch into creative work.

No knowledge, no artist: he/she needs not be highly educated, but must have an acute sensory faculty, and be attentive to community pulse, societal progress, as well as life changes. Only then can the artist portray effectively to attract public rapport.

No rich life experience, no artist: without experiencing life’s bitterness and joy, highs and lows, the artist’s work is often simple and bland, uninteresting to audiences.

No kindness of heart, no outstanding artist: art is pursuit of “truthfulness”, “compassion” and “beauty”. When it is sheer grandstanding, chasing self-interest, the work’s fleeting popularity wanes and it will not be a timeless creation.

Shen Ping is proficient in artistry. Give him pen, paper and paint and he will create art. He reads extensively and writes masterfully.

In Xinjiang, Shen Ping traversed desert, oasis and villages where he encountered camels, cows and horses. Living in Hong Kong meant a bustling city, busy harbour, and constant stream of ferries, sampans and trams. In both areas, he saw the good and bad in humanity, and the splendor and decay of society, all of which were projected vividly in his paintings.

Shen Ping is genuine and fair, modelling an outstanding artist.

Obviously, what makes an artist is his inherent talent and perseverance in practice: an arduous path indeed. I salute Shen Ping with utmost respect!

YEUNG Chun Tong


Exhibition Catalogue

Editor: MOK Pui Yu, Fiona
2017, paperback, Chinese/English, 96 pages, 23.5 x 31 cm
ISBN: 978-988-78196-2-2

A fully illustrated exhibition catalogue featuring 112 paintings by Shen Ping with different media, including pencil sketch, woodcut print, Chinese ink as well as watercolour.

Price: HKD$100

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