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Symphonic Hong Kong Melody
Exquisite Watercolours by Shen Ping

19/01/2017 - 10/6/2017


The exhibition showcases a fine selection of watercolour paintings created by Shen Ping in 2016. These paintings depict scenery unique to Hong Kong such as the water town of Tai O as well as countryside of New Territories. They also record interesting changes in the city. Some of the sights have faded into memory, some fast disappearing while some still exist. Through Shen’s watercolours, visitors are invited to relive the beauty of Hong Kong.

Message from director

Shen Ping once said he had many hometowns in China. These include Hefei, Beijing, Shanghai, Ürümqi and Hong Kong. Having resided in Hong Kong for more than three decades or half his life, Shen can truly claim it home.

Of the seven million people in Hong Kong, some feel detached, disliking their current living environment; others are passionate about the city by singling out issues with constructive comments for progress and enhancement. Whatever it may be, most embrace the city as paradise with a memorable past and vibrant
future, all to be treasured.

Not being indigenous, Shen’s devotion to Hong Kong is remarkable. His artistic talent steers him to record unique Hong Kong scenes some of which are fast disappearing. His works are not mere hard copies for filing; they serve as historical records as well as artistic creations.

The Museum extends its warmest gratitude to Shen for providing to this exhibition his watercolours painted in 2016. Visitors will be captivated by his talent and the luxurious Hong Kong scenes.

YEUNG Chun Tong


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