Lectures on Chinese Culture

(Conducted in Cantonese)

  • Series 5

    30/7/2016 – 24/9/2016

    Speaker: YEUNG Chun Tong (Director, Sun Museum)

    Venue: Sun Museum

    Buddha and Chinese Culture

    According to Buddhism, every man can become a Buddha and his sufferings will cease. Ancient Chinese thought that believing in Buddha could solve their problems with Buddha’s might. This talk explores the special role of several popular Buddhas in traditional Chinese culture.


    Bodhisattva and Chinese Culture

    Bodhisattvas play an essential role in Buddhist faith. Each bodhisattva has different powers to save mankind. This talk traces the influence of the Four Great Bodhisattvas in Chinese Buddhism on the life of ancient Chinese.


    Buddhist Deities and Chinese Culture

    Buddhism does not advocate the worship of deities. However, a pantheon of Buddhist deities later emerged to help promote Buddhist doctrines in China. This talk describes the relationship between the Buddhist deities and Chinese folk religion.


    Buddhist Temples and Chinese Culture

    Buddhist temples facilitate the salvation of all sentient beings. When worshipping Buddhist icons housed in the temples, believers are receiving a moral education. This talk explains the design of Buddhist temples as well as the display of offerings.


    Buddhist Art and Chinese Culture

    Buddhist icons are common themes in Chinese folk art. Symbols such as lotus flowers and lions are related to Buddhism as well. This talk introduces the development of Buddhist art and its characteristics in different ages.

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