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Tsui Chee Kui Joseph
Nude Drawings

22/12/2017 - 3/3/2018


Local artist Tsui Chee Kui Joseph studied painting as early as 1952 and continues with nude drawing up to this day. This exhibition features 24 nude drawings by Tsui and testifies to the artist’s ability of sketching the complex and nuanced human body with his iconic lines and surfaces.

Message from director

Ancient Chinese artists emphasized life drawing, focusing however on landscape, flowers and trees and rarely on human figures. Since the emergence of interest in literati painting, scholars eschewed historical figures to avoid political prosecution. They also avoided painting females to preclude unsavory criticism. Painting flowers and trees was their way of expressing integrity. However such an approach stifled the development of figure painting.
In the past, assessment of Chinese figure painting centered on the aura conveyed by the subjects with scant attention to the figures’ shape and motion. Western artists, on the other hand, paid equal importance to landscapes and figure painting. Nude drawing was indispensable in training. Portraying the human body in accurate details held the key to fundamental painting skills.
Tsui Chee Kui has been in creative art for decades and still continues with nude drawing. He demonstrates that such drilling is the surest way of enhancing skills. Tsui has established his unique style of nude drawing in which the lines and shades depicting the body project prominently a three-dimensional effect.
Tsui applies similar techniques to watercolour, pastel and oil paintings. His works are at once realistic and expressive, offering an unprecedented visual experience.
Sketching may appear simple. But, to be good at art, sketching has to be mastered through life drawing. It is a prescribed path for all artists.

YEUNG Chun Tong


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