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Ink Art
​A Different Perspective

12/4/2019 - 15/6/2019


In light of the different experiences of life, a group of art creators with different abilities and needs paint what is in their mind, simply and directly. With a unique visual sense, they transform their thoughts into creative works of rich personal styles. In fact, if an artist wants his works to give a strong impression, he must develop a distinctive style and individuality. And these art creators have made an attempt to do so.

The exhibition is co-organised by i-dArt, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and Sun Museum. By showcasing 30 pieces of paintings and calligraphy from 10 art creators, we hope that our audience will enjoy a different world of ink art.

i-dArt, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

Art is a barrier-free common language. To appreciate beautiful things and to do creation freely are inborn abilities and rights of human beings. The focus of art appreciation should be on the power that the creators give to their creations and also their abilities, instead of their intelligence or physical ability. Holding such beliefs, i-dArt connects people with different abilities and needs, and helps to facilitate their art development, so as to promote social inclusion.


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