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Hong Kong Modern Sketches

24/8/2018 - 20/10/2018
8/12/2018 - 12/1/2019


Sketching is the foundation of painting. Without vivid colours, sketching depicts object mainly with monochrome, emphasizing light and texture. It reveals the true nature.

The exhibition features 56 sketchings by 14 Hong Kong artists. The participating artists employ diverse media ranging from pencil to ink, presenting different styles like figurative and expressive. They have their unique interpretations towards sketching, utilizing intersected lines to form stunning pictures. All these artworks are helpful in exploring the distinct aesthetic beauty of sketching.

Participating artists
Liu Cheng Mui, Tsui Yuen, Zhu Da Cheng, Shen Ping, Hau Siu Ching, Ho Siu Chung Alex, Lam Man Kong, Zeng Da Mao, Tse Ching, Cheuk Hiu Kwong, Poon Yeuk Fai, Yiu Chu Tung, Wu Chun Yin Aries, Lui Wa

Message from director

The ancient Chinese used lines to draft a drawing, outlining silhouette of objects known as line drawing (白描). Westerners also employ lines in depicting forms and structures where a single colour is often used. This drawing method was translated by the Japanese as sketching (素描). Similar to line drawing, sketching involves various drawing processes such as drafting, tracing and practicing. Comparatively, painting is more complex and differs from sketching in that it emphasizes the use of colours to compile vivid layers. Therefore, sketching has always been recognized as a medium for beginners.

Sketching literally means simple drawings. As well, it is a fundamental skill in painting. Imagine if you do not have any knowledge on grammar, your writing will be incomprehensible. Similarly, if you are not trained in sketching, your drawings will be unrecognizable.

Today, Chinese traditional line drawing is becoming an independent form of art. The status of sketching has also risen; it is no longer valued as works of exercise practices anymore. Unfortunately, it appears that sketches are still not welcomed by the Hong Kong audience as they are rarely seen in local art exhibitions; this is an alarming phenomenon.

This exhibition features 14 Hong Kong artists, each showcasing their unique interpretation and distinctive style in sketching with works that range from figurative to expressive, demonstrating diverse and fascinating sketching approaches.

Sketching is the art of lines. After centuries of development, this art form is now in between a fine line: some stresses the importance of line as the main framework while others opt for a combination of various art media and placing less value on lines. Sketches by Hong Kong artists employ diverse media including watercolour, ink, oil, prints as well as sculptures - the association of various art forms is ever so innovative! Undoubtedly, this exhibition brings to light one of the best artistic achievements of Hong Kong.

YEUNG Chung Tong


Exhibition Catalogue

Editor: MOK Pui Yu Fiona
2018, hardcover, Chinese/English, 96 pages, 26 x 27 cm
ISBN: 978-988-78196-5-3

A fully illustrated exhibition catalogue featuring 56 sketches by 14 Hong Kong artists, such as Liu Cheng Miu, Tsui Yuen, Zhu Da Cheng and Sheng Ping.

Price: HKD$100

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