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Hong Kong Aspiring Oil Painters in Phenomenal Times

2/12/2016 - 7/1/2017


Amidst the wave of new media art, 6 Hong Kong aspiring artists have chosen to return to the traditional art of oil painting. They communicate their experience of life through various genres. While some of them received formal training in art academy, some only started to paint after joining the workforce for some years. Their distinctive background and experience have shaped the style and content of their works.

These new-generation artists are Lui Wa, Sung Ka Yan, Chow Nga Ching Flora, Yiu Chi Leung, Wu Chun Yin Aries and Ngan Kit Ming Joyce. 45 pieces of oil painting are selected for display. The exhibition aims to draw your attention to oil painting, a medium rich in history, and to arouse more artists to take interest in it.

Message from director

Today, world trend in art rests in multimedia creation which combines myriad colours and materials. Through this approach, artists express their individual views on various issues or their feelings. In terms of content, it may be called “conceptual art”; in terms of presentation, it may be described as “installation art”. The latter has become the new vogue, surging forth throughout the world like tidal waves. It has adversely buffeted traditional art of which oil painting is a prime example.

Oil painting has constituted a lengthy period in the history of Western art. It requires solid grounding and extensive practice to control deployment of strokes and colours. Only with profound mastery can artists create photographic-like oil paintings, as well as works that follow their preference. A masterpiece oil painting is enduring and provocative.

Unfortunately oil painting is no longer trendy. Sun Museum’s invitation of six local artists to the joint-exhibition, broadcasts that sustaining art does not need to conform to new trends. There is no shortcut to art; creative art should carry on the fundamentals of traditional art.

The six invited artists portray their life experience in their works. Their themes point to the direction of modern art. Each of the artists are unique with their own style. Lui Wa’s paintings have simple compositions and unpretentious colours. Even though only the back is painted, visitors in the exhibition can feel the figures’ facial expressions. This is his outstanding technique. The night scenes are comparable to ink painting with realistic atmospheric portrayal. Clearly Lui picks an ordinary subject to prompt visitors to share his emotions.

Sung Ka Yan adopts a different style. Her compositions are rich, filled with captivating scenes and colours. She uses imagination technique to comment on modern life, transporting visitors deep into her inner world.

Chow Nga Ching, Flora, expresses in her works her feelings towards nature. She maintains that there is peace in the world. Colours used are vibrant and happy such that viewers experience the beautiful world she has painted.

Yiu Chi Leung’s paintings are more intense. His compositions enable ordinary scenes to be extraordinary. They render a semblance of chaos which they are certainly not. Such a technique highlights the complexity of the world: material advancement is accompanied by unstable livelihood.

Wu Chun Yin, Aries, is fond of noting what he sees. The scenes in his paintings can be found in any corner, daily life vividly portrayed. What appears insignificant brings forth great interest to the applause of visitors.

Ngan Kit Ming, Joyce, demonstrates her masterful creativity in her presentation of various topics. Through life drawing, she depicts the form and practises the skill. She focuses not on the form but the nuance. The figures painted by Ngan are with naturalistic expressions.

Installation art assembles different components while oil painting is selfsufficient. Installation art principally matches the environment. Hence exhibition space is important. Oil paintings on the other hand are not so restricted. In fact truly impressive masterpieces are those that could be installed and imprinted on viewers’ mind.

Now is the time to promote oil painting. It is hoped that many more aspiring artists will engage to revitalise oil painting locally.

YEUNG Chun Tong


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