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Current Exhibition Hong Kong Emerging Artists

6/7/2024 - 3/11/2024
Co-curated by the Jao Tsung-I Academy and Sun Museum
Venue: Jao Tsung-I Academy, The Gallery - Hall 3


Hong Kong Emerging Artists Exhibition is an art programme sponsored by the Simon Suen Foundation and co-organised by Jao Tsung-I Academy and Sun Museum. The aim is to provide a free platform for young Hong Kong artists to exhibit their works, which allows the public to recognise their art direction and achievements and helps them grow into elites of the art world. In addition, the philosophy of reviving Chinese culture from Jao Tsung-I, master of traditional Chinese studies, is inherited through the programme by encouraging young artists to revitalise the spirit of Chinese art and unleash their creativity. With the unique works of the young artists, the public can experience the greatness of Chinese culture, thereby adding a new chapter to the promotion of the visual arts in Hong Kong.

The exhibition features 48 pieces of artworks from six selected young artists, showcasing their aspiration and achievement through different mediums.

The selected artists are listed below:
- HO Wai Lam, William
- CHEUNG Yung Ka
- HUI Yuen Ying, Brenda
- IP Kin Hang, Kenny
- QIAN Yin Xiao, Silver
- DAI Ying, Daisy

Persevere On

In the past, artists created vast quantities of calligraphy and paintings, but could only occasionally share their works with a few close friends or discuss them with other literati during literary gatherings. Unlike today's artists, they did not hold exhibitions in museums, galleries or exhibition halls, to promote or sell their works. Nevertheless, they continued creating art throughout their lives, striving to produce works that fulfilled their artistic visions.

Now, you have also created many artworks, but lack the means to publicly exhibit them. No one recognises your name, and your artworks are confined to private appreciation, savoured by none but you - just as the artists of the past often had to do.

Your artworks may have accumulated, but so too have the criticisms and worries. Family members may scold, friends may ridicule, and strangers may mock, leaving you to self-pity. Your pieces may not have sold well, leading you to deem them as worthless. You feel a crippling loss of spirit and motivation, having lost the confidence to continue creating art.

You may ponder the value of art. The truth is, art has no fixed value; and artists create art to harness and express their artistic talents. While people's artistic talents vary greatly - some exceptional, others more modest - high-quality works will always serve as a testament to exceptional artistic talents and receive high acclaim, which in turn allows artists to take genuine pride in their artistic identity.

You should inherit the passion for art from those who came before and continue to create. Your talent is yours alone. When you produce works of excellence, others will appreciate them and recognise your talent. Never forsake your artistic talents, no matter the challenges you face.

To that end, Sun Museum and Jao Tsung-I Academy hope to identify those of you with exceptional talents and offer our encouragement and support so that you can develop greater determination and confidence to continue creating art.

Just as we support you, we hope you will also lend us your support, so that together we may foster the development of the Hong Kong art scene.

YEUNG Chun Tong
Director, Sun Museum


Hong Kong Emerging Artists E-Catalogue

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