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2/12/2017 - 3/3/2018
The Art of Shen Ping: Compositions of Two Lands

Shen Ping is a well-known contemporary artist. He served as an art technician at Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, later studied at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts. In 1980, he moved to Hong Kong, developed into an outstanding local artist.

The exhibition comprises over a hundred paintings by Shen Ping, featuring a wide range of topics from figures to buildings, grasslands to streets, Xinjiang to Hong Kong and places worldwide. It provides a comprehensive look at the artist’s unique style and diversified skills, as well as his unwavering passion of art. 

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22/12/2017 - 3/3/2017
Tsui Chee Kui Joseph: Nude Drawings

Local artist Tsui Chee Kui Joseph studied painting as early as 1952 and continues with nude drawing up to this day. This exhibition features 24 nude drawings by Tsui and testifies to the artist’s ability of sketching the complex and nuanced human body with his iconic lines and surfaces. 

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05/09/2017 - 02/12/2017
Celestial Cases: Antique Boxes of China

The exhibition features over 80 pieces of antique Chinese boxes dating from the Han to Qing dynasties. All are selected from nine local private collections, which comprehensively demonstrate the dynamic development of Chinese boxes.

In Chinese belief, box embraces blessings of happiness, union, wealth and wish fulfillment. They are made of a wide range of materials like jade, lacquer, porcelain and wood. Ancient Chinese made good use of different forms of box for holding food, incense, cosmetic powder or stationery. The interesting styles of these boxes are well presented in this exhibition.

Lenders to the Exhibition   Buer Zhai, Kwong Yee Che Tong, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. George Lee, Songyin Ge, Jingxing Tang, Songde Tang,  Xianxi Tang, Yuyin Tang, Ze’en Tang

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05/09/2017 - 02/12/2017
Tsui Chee Kui Joseph: Landscape Paintings

The exhibition features 30 landscape paintings by local artist Tsui Chee Kui Joseph. Ranging from the 1970s to 1990s, they depict dazzling views of Hong Kong and mainland China. The artist likes to divide objects into geometric blocks of different colours to render semi-abstract scene, establishing a unique and interesting style.

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05/09/2017 - 02/12/2017
Sun Museum: Oil Painting Collection

Oil is a traditional medium from the West. It became a mainstream in the art sector of China in the 20th Century. However, this foundation work is losing its popularity in Hong Kong. The exhibition features 22 local oil paintings. All are from the Sun Museum collection. We hope to inherit and promote this traditional art as well as acknowledge the achievement of local artists.

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23/06/2017 - 19/08/2017
Tones of Festival: Modern Hong Kong Watercolour

Watercolour embodies both Western realism and Chinese expressionism, which enables handling of diverse themes with more interesting effects. Commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of Sun Museum as well as celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR, the upcoming exhibition features 55 watercolor paintings by 14 Hong Kong artists, including Kong Kai Ming, Shen Ping, Cheuk Hiu Kwong, Tsui Tin Yun, Chan Cho Yan, Chan Kau On, Lu Guo Yuan, Mak Siu Fung, Wong Chung Man, Wong Kum, Liu Cheng Mui, Lao U Kei, Au Yeung Nai Chim and Tse Lok Yau Rainbow. Each participating artist formulates his own style from a great variety of painting techniques. What they depict is a vivid revelation of their living experience. This exhibition would surely give a new insight into the development of the art of Hong Kong watercolour.

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24/03/2017 - 10/06/2017
Evolving Images: Modern Hong Kong Printmaking

Prints in the past were published to promulgate information. Today’s printing technology has superseded traditional printmaking. Liberated from the confines of reproduction, prints have become an individual art form with potent possibilities for artistic expression. This exhibition features 35 recent prints by 9 Hong Kong artists as well as one artwork from each artist in their specialisation such as ceramics and ink painting. It demonstrates how artists can reproduce their artistic flair on print.

Participating Artists:

WAN Lai Kuen, LAM Tung Pang, CHOW Chun Fai, LING Chin Tang, CHAN Yuk Keung, WONG Lai Yan, LO Kwan Chi, CHUNG Tai Fu, TSE Yim On

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Symphonic Hong Kong Melody: Exquisite Watercolours by Shen Ping


The exhibition showcases a fine selection of watercolour paintings created by Shen Ping in 2016. These paintings depict scenery unique to Hong Kong such as the water town of Tai O as well as countryside of New Territories. They also record interesting changes in the city. Some of the sights have faded into memory, some fast disappearing while some still exist.  Through Shen’s watercolours, visitors are invited to relive the beauty of Hong Kong. 

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19/01/2017 - 11/3/2017
Hong Kong Renowned Oil Painters in the Diverse World


Installation art is increasingly popular throughout the art world and ink painting dominates the art scene in Hong Kong. However, oil painting has never been toppled. The upcoming exhibition features 40 oil paintings by 10 artists who are the forerunners of oil painting in Hong Kong. All aged above 70, these artists include Chu Ying Tung, Lin Ming Chen, Tsui Chee Kui Joseph, Chan Siu Min, Chan Chiu Lung, Wong Pui Kong, Au Yeung Nai Chim, Shaw Tze, Chung Yiu and Kwong Ko Wah. Despite their different artistic styles, their paintings interestingly depict a world full of colours and wonders, reflecting the experience of life of the old generation.

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